Smart Temperature Detector

Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer

High quality automatic LCD display hands free wall mounted thermometer that is very useful to monitor health given the prevailing situation

Detect temperature without contacting human body & also it
has a range of 5 cm to 10 cm for detecting temperature

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Smart Temperature Detector

This device is manufactured in India with best quality engineering components and less cost. This device has smart camera and sensor to detect people with high temperature without coming to contact and can directly send data to Admin through Mobile application.


  1. Detect temperature without contacting human body
  2. Can detect temperature from 5 to 7 cm away.
  3. It has option to run through Wi-Fi.
  4. Device can be connected directly to mobile app
  5. Admin can control and manage all the data on cloud.
  6. Admin can also store the data in pen drive.



  1. Non-Contact Temperature Detection. Save directly the cost of person if we compare the thermal gun where a person intervention requires.
  2. Cost Effective in comparison to other Non-contact device.
  3. Capture data which can helpful to estimate customer footfall.
  4. Preventive measure to stop spreading the potential Corona virus.

Industry covered

  1. Offices
  2. School, Colleges
  3. Hotel, Restaurants


  1. Offices can control and manage employees with high temperature.
  2. School and Colleges can use for students, teachers and visitors to detect temperature and manage the access.
  3. Hotel and Restaurants can use for their guest and visitors to detect temperature.