We deliver excellence
from design to deployment.

Bluezeal AI Solutions combines tech savvy expertise and industry specific knowledge to develop diverse, quality oriented, custom solutions to  unleash your data potential.

Quality work for 
quality results.

At Bluezeal AI we’re not just writing software, but we are interested in providing a robust solution to our clients’ problems. That is why we offer various services for your projects to grow.


Data Science

Whether you want to upgrade your range of capabilities, augment your team’s talent, or maximize your customer experience, we can help you unleash the power of data science. 

We craft the right model that boosts your KPIs.  Our in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience in complex problem solving and business transformation, deliver expert data consulting services to help you derive high value from raw datasets. By integrating state-of-the art and in-house research solutions, we are able to solve the most challenging of problems and build cutting-edge products.

From anomaly detection, exploratory data analysis, pattern recognition, product recommendation, to time series analysis and prediction making, we find the solution that works best for you and iterate on improvements that lead to an increase in ROI.

Machine Learning

We are experts in machine learning. We work with you to deploy the science behind machine learning to make it play a key role within your business, offering up data-driven insights and streamlining processes to help you acquire new customers, optimize products and pricing, and increase customer engagement.

Our leading software and data science consultants develop high quality products that tap into the potential of big data, helping you make better decisions, faster, and uncover high-value opportunities that add value to your business.

Mobile App

iOS, Android, React Native

We have a team of seasoned mobile developers that are able to build apps either with native Objective-C/Swift/Kotlin technologies or cross-platform with React Native. Our senior mobile developers have been working in the area since the iPad came along back in 2010, crafting stunning apps both for iOS and Android.

AI Development

Apply artificial intelligence to make better decisions about the future.
Our experience and technology will provide you with more value from your data.

We utilize deep learning and state of the art algorithms for recognition and classification of images, videos and other non-structured data.

Applying image processing and deep learning techniques we do object detection, semantic segmentation, object counting, object tracking and others computer vision solutions.

Languages We Speak

Tools We Use

Google Cloud
Apache Spark