Ways AI Can Improve Call Center Services

Ways AI Can Improve Call Center Services


Considered one of the most basic forms of AI, over one-third (37%) of companies are leveraging AI-powered chatbots to interact with customers. In fact, the majority (58%) of executives believe that chatbot are the only form of AI that their organizations is currently using effectively.

Voice Self-service

Nearly half of organizations are using AI in the contact center to improve customer self-service. Specifically, using powerful automation capabilities that provide simple, easy-to-navigate conversational interfaces (Gartner predicts that by 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service interactions compared to 40% in 2019).

Topic modeling

Machine learning algorithms can detect shifts from one topic to another, as well as the recurrence of themes. This can be used in both voice- and digital interactions, and for automation and live-agent interactions. The goal of course is to make interactions more intuitive and seamless for the consumer. At the same time, the contact center is equipped to exercise business processes expeditiously, in order to increase overall productivity.

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