Smart Attendance System


Record the attendance of employee by IP camera, reducing both time and effort


Integrate with advance systems of HR, Payroll, Transport and access control systems


Emails Notifications, SMS alerts with mobile application, on employee entry and exit


Highest security for controlling unauthorized access of any area of organization

Advantages of a Face Recognition Attendance System

 Attendance System with Artificial Intelligence. Business now be able to record attendance using face recognition using surveillance camera with reducing effort, the time taken and can derive actionable insights with closely integration
with Human Resource


Time saving and reduce contagion


Integration with HR and payroll


SMS and Email notifications on mobile application


manually attendance corrections

Smart Attendance System

An organization slowly reaches the ladder of success with each employee’s sweat, pain and blood. Every brick in institution is placed by each individual’s effort and true essence of dedication and if one brick or one effort goes into
error or failure the whole framework is thus disturbed. But in an organization or an institution how will you check upon each member out of thousands? Will you assist one person to keep a check on by giving him/her loads of income
or you will eventually go and check yourself by killing your precious time? And how boring it is to use an old manual or a biometric attendance system? And why to opt for such old technologies when we have so many open and welcoming
doors for new and attractive technologies. It is a concerned question to millions of MNC’s, Schools and colleges especially in a country of India where we people eventually don’t have much time. Don’t Worry Bluezeal is here to solve
your concern problems with concrete solutions.

Face Recognition Attendance System

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integrated Technology

Businesses are now able to record attendance using face recognition using surveillance camera with reducing efforts, the time taken can derive actionable insights with closely integration with HR and Payroll 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Sandeep Tyagi

Ample Group

Bluezeal AI integrated Attendance system is really wonderful tool and also easy to access 

Harsh Singh

Analytic Square

Brilliant job on smart attendance system technology, wish you good luck team bluezeal



This tool is really helping us to maintain a track record of our employees attendance with insights as well, thanks  bluezeal 

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