Smart Attendance System

Attendance System with Artificial Intelligence

Business now be able to record attendance using face recognition using surveillance camera with reducing effort, the time taken and can derive actionable insights with closely integration with Human Resource

Secure Facilities

The system allows access to only registered faces and in case of any unwanted person, immediate alerts are sent with 100% accuracy.

Zero Time Consumption

With the help of artificial intelligence and powerful computer vision, the capability of virtual vision which was once an imagination has now turned into reality. Intozi offers the fastest and amongst the world’s most accurate face recognition system that has been built using the latest technologies. The major goal is to secure the life of the people all around and create a secure environment at a highly competitive price.

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An organization slowly reaches the ladder of success with each employee’s sweat, pain and blood. Every brick in institution is placed by each individual’s effort and true essence of dedication and if one brick or one effort goes into error or failure the whole framework is thus disturbed. But in an organization or an institution how will you check upon each member out of thousands? Will you assist one person to keep a check on by giving him/her loads of income or you will eventually go and check yourself by killing your precious time? And how boring it is to use an old manual or a biometric attendance system? And why to opt for such old technologies when we have so many open and welcoming doors for new and attractive technologies. It is a concerned question to millions of MNC’s, Schools and colleges especially in a country of India where we people eventually don’t have much time. Don’t Worry Bluezeal is here to solve your concern problems with concrete solutions.


Wi-Fi Enabled

Reduce paperwork


Bluezeal presents Smart attendance system on the grounds of artificial intelligence widening the emphasis of digital attendance system. Organizations and institutions now will be able to conduct digital attendance through face recognition attendance system. It is a fully automated attendance system using image processor and there is no external mechanic work required? This online attendance system is completely contact free attendance system with no hassle at all. Where in this deadly pandemic the only saviour for our life is going online overnight these technologies have become more significant. Bluezeal has invented this device for online attendance which can fulfil multipurpose it has an application which can store data and activity on the surveillance camera and can acts as a complete supervisor to watch on each candidate.a