Smart Office

Accelerate Success with Industrial IoT Use Cases

The IIoT is a network that shares data between physical machines and digital devices. Companies use IIoT platforms to securely access, monitor, analyze, and act on their data in new ways. The industrial Internet of Things can transform your business in profound ways, from how you design, manufacture, and service products, to how you create value and engage with customers.

The Industrial IoT is Driving Innovation

Connect your machines, devices, workers, facilities, and entire systems to the industrial IoT. Gain powerful new capabilities to digitally transform your business.

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Smart Office

Present industry is increasingly shifting towards automation.
Two principle components of today’s industrial automation
are programmable controllers and robots. In order to aid the
tedious work and to serve the mankind, today there is a
general tendency to develop an intelligent operation. The
“OFFICE AUTOMATION” is designed and developed to
accomplish the various tasks in an adverse environment of
an industry

The intelligent uses PIC microcontroller,
GSM Modem, Android application. This work is own to the
technical advancement. This system can be applied
effectively and efficiently in an expanded dimension to fit for
the requirement of industrial, research and commercial
applications. Micro controller is the heart of the device which
handles all the sub devices connected across it. It has flash
type re-programmable memory.

The era of buildings that don’t provide personalized value and security is rapidly coming to an end. Workplaces are transitioning to modern, connected environments that are aware of their occupants—offering them seamless, personalized experiences with benefits that include increased productivity, collaboration, creativity and employee well-being.t has been seen in various research reports that companies that invest heavily in developing modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure benefit from increased outputs and overall growth. The use of hi-tech equipment is a novel way to boost up the level of creativity and innovation brimming at your workplace. With the utilization of better equipment and devices, your business benefits from increased productivity. Even if your business is labor dependent, you will still need a considerable volume of data to create insights and important business strategies.

A smart office provides you with the leverage to use multiple monitoring, processing, and organizational sources and create insightful information for you. Such information is pivotal for the smooth running of operations. Smart office solutions simplify the process of managing and scheduling tasks to your employees. With the use of automated systems and devices, you can perform efficient business operations including the creation of accurate workers’ schedules. With the increased connectivity, it also allows you to share documents, files, and increase collaboration among your employees. For every business to perform at the optimum level, its employees or workers need to be in a harmony. A peaceful and productive work environment proliferates high output and achievement of business objectives.