Smart Home

We design, develop and manufacture a range of secure, high quality, technologically advanced smart products which are very easy to use and results in a delightful customer experience.

Smart Products based on IoT

Innovative products based on mobile and intelligent sensor technologies that helps us connect and control anything anywhere

Comfort, security and energy management with BlueZeal home automation

Your home is now at your fingertips!

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A new revolutionary experience

How dull it is to pause and rust unburnished at one place then to shine by exploring the world till the margins of the map fades away, life is too short to waste in just sitting ideal it is an essence that should be fulfilled and use by gaining new experiences and seeing beautiful and unforgettable wonders of the world. But how will you be a free spirit. Let’s be honest we always carry the baggage of multiple things on our head, who will take care of the house for days? And you cannot even go outside because you have a new born baby at home and its not easy to check on the baby and do things at the same time. Isn’t it? And even if it gets resolve how tiring and boring it is to just to everything manually, turning off lights, fans, air conditioners and even keeping in mind the power control. And how much a security guard charge for the night shift to assure proper security and we simply cannot rely upon them. This enormous list of question keeps triggering us with the feeling of restlessness and tension. Don’t worry we have solutions for all of your problems. Bluezeal present the idea of smart home and smart office app to you. Within just a touch you will be able to do all the things sitting at one place like a magic. Bluezeal now help you create by stepping into the virtual and impressive world of changing your normal living to smart way of living and transformation of smart home and smart offices.

Easy to Use




Smart home are special institution equipped with automated devices and technologies. Smart home automation handles normal tasks done by humans with more simplicity and ease. Bluezeal assure you to make your lives smart by imparting automated and echnological impact in your life as smart home fan, smart home lock, smart home lights and many smart home gadgets which can do multipurpose duties by promising you to make your life more stress free and impressive.

IOT devices allow proper and firm security that is more reliable and exact and Smart gadgets are imparted with power control system that can allow you to manage and desirably control power as per your expenditure through smart home. Smart automation is assigned with the smart home app that you easily control from your smartphones even if you are miles away. Smart home app demonstrates power control efficiency of each device which keeps you alert and informative about each appliance’s power control. IOT devices are intrigued with the intention of doing multipurpose works at affordable prices.

Smart Home Benifits

  • Manage all smart gadgets from one place and by one click in a second saving your precious time.
  • IOT devices are multipurpose that can fulfill the duty of various works that you have assigned manually to someone surely befitting for your pocket.
  • Smart homes and offices implied with smart door lock maximize security that would be more trust worthy and you can control it even by sitting miles away.
  • Smart home electronics allows you to keep a proper check on power consumption and control expenses greatly, you can control it as per your own requirement.
  • Smart home gadgets are easy to use that all are controlled by a single smart house and smart office app.
  • Smart home automation reduces your manual work giving you the pleasure and feeling of relaxation.
  • Smart home electronics gives people an aura of technological and leaves them with a good impression.
  • IOT devices not only minimize your work but also gives a sense of peace and harmony in your life, because you no longer will be a part of everyday rat race.

A Worth for All

Smart automation is not only asserted for homes but it can be a life savior in big industries and MNC’s too. When your company will be fully implied with smart gadgets it will give your clients an idea of being extensively intellectual, technologically aware and modernly awake along with it hyping up your security, reducing manual work and eliminating the money you give to people assigned to do such work which will now be transformed from human work to smart electronics.

“As the Internet of things advances, the very notion of a clear dividing line between reality and virtual reality becomes blurred, sometimes in creative ways.”
-Geoff Mulgan

So what are you waiting for let’s begin the mission of transforming lives and giving it the touch of magic from your home and making you feel living in future generation.