Fight Against Fake News

BlueZeal set up a application to focus on fact-checking in response to the multiplication of misinformation and disinformation online.

fact-check Search Engine

BlueZeal has a fact-check search engine which uses authentic news sources to provide accurate facts.

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Our very own system of fact check and fake news blocker system elude all the fake news that evolves just like a wind especially in our country. If you have saw fake news on whatsapp or fake news on facebook you just have to enter it on the website of Bluezeal and just enter the news or fact you just saw and taadaa ! Just like a magic you are all done with the information relevant to check fact and block fake news.

“Disinformation is duping.
Misinformation is tricking.”

Why Fact Check is Important ?

Do you know eating garlic can prevent you from corona virus? Do you know now COVID 19 can be transmitted by mosquito bites? Do you know Muslim New Jersey mayor abolish Christmas to respect other religion? Do you know vaccine against pneumonia can prevent you from corona virus? And do you know you just have read four fake news in just a minute. Let’s be honest if you read this news for the first time it totally has gained your positive attention and you have maybe just reacted with an exclamatory expression. If you are not watching news you are uninformed but if you watching new you are misinformed. We know this statement will sound dicey to you, or maybe it will take you sometime to process the thought. But how many of us on a daily ratio are getting misinformed through the factor which earlier used to be the symbol of information and awareness and now have become a flood of fake and hoax news. We are living in a world where the true essence of news is lost and rather than being a virtue of truth it has transformed into a process where things are manufacture and produced in mass to attain foremost publicity beating competition and emerging out as best. Fake news is more dangerous than unenlightened. Fake news is the biggest enemy of humankinds. The root of the fake news is embedded deep inside underground that reaches different part of country. Fake news meaning and fake news definition is basically a misinformation and untrue information. The circulation of fake news is so rapid that if one fake news can be proliferated in one day millions of people see it and its consequences are more diverse and bizarre than we can thought about. But, Bluezeal is here to solve these enormous problems which have the audacity to damage not an individual but a whole set of society. The major platform contributing to the issue of fake news is Social media, platforms like fake news on Facebook, fake news on Whatsapp acts as a never ending chain of creating and producing fake news. Here our team of Bluezeal emerges as a warrior to eradicate fake news from root. We at Bluezeal with accompany of modern technologies to detect and check fake news from authenticated sourced with firm and proper fact check and as a fake news blocker enhancing the true meaning of news, accuracy and preciseness.


  • Scrutinize with utmost accuracy, preciseness and authenticity with sources from original sites.
  • Deflating rumors’, misinformation, hoaxes spread online and offline.
  • Represents a proper review and revive true older news ignoring the hindrances of false news.
  • Allows one to prepare for exams including the matter of general knowledge and current affairs without the barrier of getting distracted by hoax news.
  • Avoid controversies that most often emerge out as a result of fake news and circulation of false rumors’.
  • Avoid chaos and disturbance that can be created in general public as a repercussion of fake news on WhatsApp or fake news on Facebook and others.
  • You can detect false news from a single app which makes it versatile in itself which can reach millions of people where you check any fact, detect any false news by just typing and submitting the news.
  • Fact check and fake news detector symbolizes the truth so you will get informed about true causes, true effect, true reasons of corruption, socio- political problems going in our country which will act as a small source of system change.
  • If you are into journalism or in any media institution check fact for you will be a cherry on the top as you will be able to produce virtue of truth to audience and being an example of true journalism and news.
  • Gives a vision and fine transparency of the world and ongoing current affairs ignoring misleading convention given by social media and numerous news channels.



Check fact not only cover journalism or media industry by detecting fake news and identifying false facts but it acts as a whole in developing each individual of the society ethically, morally and intellectually. Immediately be the part of Bluezeal to not only empower the change but to be the change and it right here starts with you and us !