Artificial intelligence Is A Kind Of Creative Partner

Artificial intelligence Is A Kind Of Creative Partner

Brands and agencies have always placed creativity at the heart of advertisements. But as digital channels proliferate, the cost, complexity, and demand for media’s measurability have driven the emphasis to marketing technology. For those reasons, CMOs are starting to apply artificial intelligence to digital media buying, campaign automation, or marketing mix optimization. Few brands, however, use AI as a partner in the creative process to help scale creative capability and capacity within data-driven marketing approaches.

Scaling a creative mind-set across marketing, media, technology, customer experiences, and operations is key to brand differentiation and innovation.

Automating content creation and media buying is a starting point. Inject intelligent data into the creative thinking and strategic planning process early.

technology such as computer vision, NLP, and machine learning will help you better understand the emotional state of customers and optimize creative impact throughout the customer journey.

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