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Achieve a strong brand reputation and meet your business expectations with our robust, secure and scalable web applications.

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Smart automation is assigned with the smart home and smart office app that you easily control from your smartphones even if you are miles away.


We at BlueZeal AI setup an application to focus on fact-checking in response to the multiplication of the misinformation and disinformation online.  

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True self-service for everyone AI-driven insights so you know sooner
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Web Development

Data is getting more important for businesses by the data. So, why miss out on website visitor traffic and data? Stay up-to-date with our web application development services and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence development

Deep data driven analysis is the difference between a struggling and a successful business. With our data science, NLP, machine learning and computer vision expertise, we help you solve real world problems.


We design, develop and manufacture a range of secure, high quality, technologically advanced smart products which are very easy to use and results in a delightful customer experience.


Bots Can Make Your Brand Grow Faster. Chatbots can provide current information directly to users, spreading brand awareness, and collecting data on customers trends and issues

Check – Fact

Technology Fights Disinformation

BlueZeal set up a application to focus on fact-checking in response to the multiplication of misinformation and disinformation online.

AI Powered Search Engine..

BlueZeal has its own search engine that is able to verify the news is a fact or a fake, with the help of deep learning and artificial intelligence we made our algorithm precised.

Authentic Sources

Our algorithm was made to authenticate the sources and measure the accuracy of every fact that our users wants to know.

Precise Results

All results that we show is on the basis of accuracy measured by the algorithm.


Fake news is more dangerous than unenlightened. Fake news is the biggest enemy of humankinds.

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